Why do you need an Image Consultant?

Importance of Proper Dress
January 27, 2015

Successful men recognize and embrace the simple truth that image is everything. Whether it’s the boardroom or the social jungle, men who have a presence about them tend to work the room to their favor.

Unfortunately, they also tend to make it look incredibly easy.
If you ask any man to be honest, they’ll confess that they’ve asked themselves questions like:

▪ Would that suit look good on me?
▪ How do I update my image?
▪ I want to change my style but where do I start?

Unfortunately, men do not spend as much time on their image as they should. Some think it makes them seem less manly. Others are too confused by trending styles to know where to start. Then, there are those who are just too busy to take the time to keep their image updated. This is when a professional Image Consultant can be invaluable.

Every major male star, politician, or business expert has a host of people at his disposal to help make major image decisions. This team helps ensure his clothes compliment his image. They help him update his hairstyle to fit the image he wants to project. Behind the scenes, they help educate him on what products he should use to keep his appearance looking young and fresh.

A professional Image Consultant can help you attain that debonair image you desire. He or she will teach you the pertinent tips to succeed in a world where time is sparse, first impressions count and a crisp image can make or break you.

In addition to updating your style, an Image Consultant can coach you on proper etiquette while provide you the boost of confidence you desire. From fine-tuning body language to networking tactics, clients who work with a professional Image Consultant tend to feel more prepared to face the challenging business environment with confidence and style.

Most Image Consultants will take the time to get to know you and what type of style you are searching for. This would include understanding your professional and social scene as well as what types of styles you feel comfortable with.

You will want to remember that part of the job of your Image Consultant is to push your limits a little. After all, you want to have that “wow” factor right?
Your image is your brand.

In today’s business environment, personal branding is just as important as corporate branding. Having a professional image consultant’s help can take your personal brand to the next level.

If you are a man and confused as to where to begin or just don’t have the time, you should consider working with Robert Henry Personal Image.

Are you interested in learning more? Take the first step to the “new you” and contact Robert Henry today. You can complete a contact form or email him at robert@rhpersonalimage.com. Learn more about his firm by visiting www.rhpersonalimage.com.

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